How can I collaborate with FLWRS?
What is FLWRS?
How many FLWRS will there be?
What is the FLWRS mint price?
When does the NFT collection mint / What is the mint date?
Is there an allowlist?
How do I get on the allowlist / presale list?
What is the roadmap?
What utility exists for this NFT collection?
What is the copyright license for the artwork / How am I allowed to use the artwork?
Can I merchandise my FLWRS?
What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?
Does GGV plan to support charities?
Who is Green Street?
Who is Guided Holdings LLC?
Who is Guided Green Ventures LLC?
Who is GREG MIKE? / Who is ABV Agency + Gallery?
Who is Butterfly Galaxies?
Who is Devoptix?
How is Gary Vaynerchuck (GaryVee) related to FLWRS?
Does FLWRS have investors?
What are the funds being used for?
If I have a FLWRS token, can I show up to Green Street Los Angeles (GSLA) whenever I want?
Can I get free Cannabis for having a FLWRS token?